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Abstract Adventure: The Original (kaleidoscopia Coloring Books)

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Abstract Adventure The Original

Syren Book Company

Author: Kendall Bohn

Those who are interested in buying a coloring book I have come up with some good information. Get yourself a copy of Abstract Adventure: The Original by Kendall Bohn. Written by Kendall Bohn and it was published around August of 2009 by Syren Book Company. The coloring book is 54 pages long. To order a copy at the best price, visit our store button on this site.

''I let each drawing design itself. The ever changing patterns are typical threads that run by means of the designs producing harmonies that, like strings of musical notes, balance the composition. The lines flow outside the edge from the page so the patterns may continue undistorted. Every line influences the next from the initial line to the last. A pattern in an abstract form must stay consistently inconsistent to give the design order and reason."- Kendall Bohn Harmony in abstract images is designed by way of the slight variation of related shapes. It is in the nature of intersecting lines to form patterns within shapes. Overlapping shapes create depth.


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