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Do You Doodle ?

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Do You Doodle
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Running Press Kids

Author: Nikalas Catlow

Children love Do You Doodle. The author is Nikalas Catlow and the publisher is Running Press Kids. The coloring book was released around June of 2007. The book is 256 pages long. It's dimensions are 9.02" Height x 7.01" Length x 0.55" Width and it weighs somewhere around 1.47 lbs. To buy a copy at the lowest price, visit the market link on this page.

With each of the pressure for kids to accomplish at whatever they try, right here could be the perfect antidote-a book that simply invites them to enter and play. Doodlers go off from there on a liberating flight of mindless fancy. There are over 200 pages to full and develop. A book that is going to be as irresistible to overtaxed adults since it would be to kids eager to enjoy its spirit of adventure, imagination, and creativity. Nikalas Catlow has created a start on every with the generous-sized pages-a handful of starting strokes of images and prompts like a boy looking into a bowl and asking what's in there.


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